Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good Morning!

Kerry started the day off as he left for work by sending Emily a text which read:
"Hello Emily!  Get up and have a wonderful wonderful day.  Pet the puppies.  Jump on the couch like a Mexican jumping bean.  Make strange noises.  But please know that I love you and I think you are wonderful!"

Emily sent him four videos in response.




Friday, June 19, 2015

Puppies and Worms

Apparently there is no greater perfume for a puppy than that of a dead creature.  In the past few weeks, the puppies have discovered a dead bird, a dead frog, and (as seen in this video) a dead worm.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I can't believe......

 He's twenty-one.

It doesn't seem possible that time can have gone by so quickly.

 He used to play dress-up, love dinosaurs, and want to be a marine biologist.

Now he's a legal adult, planning to get married, and making plans for big future!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Graduation Poster

One of my favorite traditions that we discovered in Hawaii, is having a poster with a picture of the graduate on it and having all your friends sign it.

Because we've moved all over the place through the years, Emily has friends spread out all over the country.  I wanted to get as many of them as I could to sign her poster so I had to start early in the school year.  

I have a friend in Hawaii who started the poster for me.  She got all of Emily's friends in Hawaii to sign it.  Some friends of our who had moved to Florida visited Hawaii while the poster was still there and they were able to sign it while they were on vacation.

Then the poster was mailed to Idaho where another of Emily's best friends from Hawaii now lives.  Then it was mailed to me.  I took it with us on a trip to Kansas and had friends who now live there sign it while we were at Comic Con.

And voila!  The poster was signed by most of her high school friends!

I set it out on her graduation table so that friends in Illinois could sign it as well.

But the best moment was when Emily walked up and started reading what people had written on it.  At first, she thought it was signed only by people she knows here.  Then she started recognizing the names and realized there were notes from all her closest friends through the years.  

I wish I had been videoing her!  I didn't expect her to burst into tears and be fully wracked with sobs.  (I'll have to see if I can get her to reenact it for me)

It was a great moment and she was so grateful to us for getting this for her!

I love you Emily!! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Burn Baby Burn

We've had broken bones (twice - both Emily) that sent us to the emergency room.

We've had cuts and bumps that sent us to the emergency room (Ben and Katie).

We've had to call the poison control center (Ben).

Now we've had our first major burn.

Katie was making macaroni and cheese which she's done many, many, many times.  The kid loves mac and cheese, always has, plus she's almost fifteen and doesn't really need supervision in the kitchen unless I'm teaching her to make something new.


On this occasion as the noodles came to a boil, she realized there was too much water in the pot and it was going to boil over.  She got a measuring cup to dip some of the water out and pour it in the sink.  Again, something that she's done many times before.  This time though some of the boiling water - just a drop - splashed on to her hand as she dipped it out.  In reflexively snatching her hand away from the hot water, she accidentally poured the entire cup of boiling water right down her shirt.

It's funny how kids can make a noise - not a scream or a shriek - just a quick, "Oh!" and somehow you know it's bad.  Katie didn't even make a very loud noise; I don't know how Kerry and I both knew something was really wrong but we both headed into the kitchen immediately.  I grabbed paper towels and wet them down with cold water to press to her chest while Kerry ran for a hand towel for the same purpose.

The burn didn't look that bad at first.  Her skin was really pink but it didn't look too terrible.  I got her an ice pack and had her lie down with it on her chest.  She was laughing and asked me to finish making the mac and cheese for her.  I did and she ate it.  I thought she'd never want mac and cheese again.

After she ate,  Katie asked if she could get in the shower to let cool water run over it.  I went in to check on her after a while and she didn't want to get out because the cool water felt so good.  I got her a fresh ice pack and once she was out I checked the burn again.  She had one big blister - about the size of half dollar and several smaller blisters.

We started thinking maybe we should head to the hospital.  Kerry called the advice nurse and she told us that if the burn was larger than the palm of Katie's hand, we should go to the ER.  Well, yeah, the burn was probably about 5 palms big so a hospital visit was in order.

We had company coming over so Kerry had to stay home and be the host while I took Katie to the ER.  I had her change into one of Kerry's shirts so it would be big and loose and she'd be able to just unbutton the front instead of having to pull a shirt over her head.

We spent over two hours at the emergency room.  Katie's burn was looking really bad by the time we were seen.  Fortunately they have a marvelous cream called Silvadene which is apparently a miracle medicine.  From the minute they put in on Katie's burn, she didn't need an ice pack any more!

So now we are back home, she is doing well, and we just have to keep an eye out for infection.  Most of her burn is first degree, with only a few areas that are second degree.


It's done.  Emily is officially a high school graduate!

 The ceremony was nice.  Because all the students are homeschoolers, the diplomas were presented by the parents.  Each set of parents had to walk up on stage, give a two minute speech, and confer the diploma.

It was really sweet watching the dads choke up as they tried to talk to their kids.  Kerry made it through his speech with no problem!

Before the ceremony, Emily strapped her phone to her arm with a rubber band as she didn't have pockets on her dress, and trying to get to it through the robe would have been difficult.

 When we walked on to the stage to present her diploma, she said, "Hold on a second!"  Then she whipped out her camera and took a selfie of us on the stage.

That got a good laugh from the audience.  We always go for the laugh.  We don't usually like things to be too serious!  

There was a reception afterwards in the gym.  Each graduate had a table where they would put pictures of themselves and items that were special to them in some way.

We surprised Emily with a life-sized cutout of Jared Padalecki.  He was quite a hit with the ladies!

I was on the decorating committee.  We had spent a large portion of time earlier in the day hanging up all those decorations on the walls, setting up tables and chairs, making a photo booth, and just generally trying to make a gym not look like a gym.

After the reception we had to take everything down again!

 It was a long day, but well worth it to mark the graduation of one super smart lady!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Graduation Day!

In a matter of hours, 
this little baby

will be a high school graduate.

How could this have happened?!?!

When did this...

...become this?

How did we get from here...

...to here?

How could my sweet little girl....

...be stepping out into the world already?

She only just learned to sit...

....but she's ready to run.

My beautiful little girl...

...is a beautiful young woman.

I'm not ready for her to graduate...

...but she seems pretty excited about it.

Get me some tissues, I'm going to need them.