Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sliding Door

We were heading into the mall and Emily very exuberantly ran up to the sliding doors in order to be the one who makes them magically slide open (because she's still four years old when it comes to sliding doors - heaven help us if we come to a revolving door).

She was expecting them to part in the middle, but instead it slid to the left.

And she smacked right into the door.

Good thing she's so smart (I have proof - 32).  Can you imagine the trouble she'd get into if she was dumb??

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Katie randomly asked me today if the name "Libby" is short for something.

"Well, my college roommate's name was Libi, " I told her, "and it was short for Elizabeth."

"Ms. Mary's daughter is called Libby, but it's short for Liberty," Katie remembered.

"People can make a nickname from anything," I said.

"Yeah," Katie said, "Like the way Emily calls me Butt-Munch.  You can shorten any name to a nickname."

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ringo Welcomes Leo and Gus!

We were so excited to get home from our Thanksgiving trip and get Ringo out of jail.

We had boarded him at a new kennel as all the other kennels we've used had filled up.  We warned the kennel man that Ringo had recently lost his brother and this would be the first time he had been in a kennel by himself, ever.  Ringo has a whooping cough style of bark that can really get under your skin.  I've taken him to groomers before who called to tell me that Ringo "is really letting us know he wants to go home."  I was afraid the kennel man would just turn him loose after the first day of listening to him sound his distress over being left there.

When we went to pick him up, the kennel man told us that Ringo didn't bark.  He also didn't eat for his first two days there.  Then he finally gave Ringo a can of food instead of the dry food we had left for him and then Ringo was his best friend.  

The girls went with us to pick him up.  We had barely unloaded all the luggage from the car when we turned around and headed out to get our big baby.  We put the puppies in a laundry basket to keep them corralled and left them home so that Ringo could have our undivided attention.

After our joyful reunion, we were anxious to see what he would think of the new additions.  I ran inside ahead of him so I could film his surprise and excitement.   


I guess he was underwhelmed.  

Sunday, November 30, 2014


The girls got an early Christmas present from Kerry's parents!


Now they each have a puppy of their very own!  Both male Shih Tzus, which Emily is not allergic to!

They were promptly christened "Leotus and Asparagus" or "Leo and Gus" for short.

Yes, there's a story behind that.

When the kids were little, Kerry would make up fairy tales for them to keep them entertained.  One day he made up a story about a clam named Leotus and a fish named Asparagus.  The kids never forgot that particular story and it seemed like a great fit for our new family members.

We are not used to having puppies and we have laughed and laughed at them.  They suddenly leap up and run around like mad, lose their balance and tumble head over heels.  They battle each other with their tiny barks and their tiny teeth.  Then they collapse on each other and sleep all snuggled up.

Leo is quickly establishing himself as the loud, hyper one.  Gus is the calm, sleepy one.

We are enjoying the heck out of them.  Everything they do is adorable.  They are cute when they sleep.  Darling when they run.  Precious when they eat.  Even their poop is adorably tiny.  

It's a first step to filling the hole left in our lives by the loss of Rigger.  Of course, it would take forty-four of them to equal one Rigger, but it's step in the right direction to bringing some happy back!

Monday, November 24, 2014


My girls made an apple pie from scratch!

I know, not their sort of thing, usually.

 Even they thought the idea was ludicrous.

 They even made the crust from scratch.

 Rolled it out themselves.

 Pondered the implications of knowing how to cook something that I might now require them to make on a regular basis because now I know they can.

 Peeled, cored, and sliced a whole lotta apples.  I helped with that part.

 Added cinnamon.

 Added sugar.

And voila!  

It was absolutely the best pie ever!  Making it from scratch really makes a difference!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Get Smart

Katie was in the play "Get Smart" this past weekend.  She played "Princess Ingrid", a Scandinavian princess.  We had to put her in a blond wig and high, high heels to make her look a little more Scandinavian.

Everyone said she looked like she was going on an episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras".

 Princess Ingrid was being guarded by Agent 86 and Agent 99.

 No she did not sing or dance in the play, despite what this photo is telling you.

 Princess Ingrid is brainwashed by "Mr Big" and winds up holding her guards hostage.

Katie loved that she got to play a sweet beautiful princess and an evil kidnapper all in one play.

The princess' brain was restored, she released the good guys, and they saved the world.

All in a good days work!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


My best good friend Mary popped up and surprised me this week!

I was at a play rehearsal and turned around to find her sitting in one of the seats!

Talk about a shock!  She lives in Alabama and I certainly wasn't expecting to find her here!  Turns out she and Kerry had been in cahoots and cooked up this plan.

 So, do I post the photo that a good one of me, but Mary's eyes are closed?

Or do I post the one that's better of Mary, but the rainbow glow shining off her face pretty much obscures me?