Thursday, March 26, 2015


The girls and I totally got our geek on at ComiCon!

This is something we've never done before but we've always wanted to.  ComiCon is a massive convention for sci-fi fans.  Stars from sci-fi movies and television shows sign autographs and talk to audiences and answer questions.  Comic book creators have booths where you can buy their drawings and comic books.  Attendees dress as their favorite characters.

Looking at all the costumes people wear is the main reason I wanted to go.  ComiCon is proof that people never really grow out of wanting to dress up in costumes and play with their friends.

We had a little bobble at the beginning of our adventure when Katie realized she had left her backpack with all her clothes and costume in it back at home.  (Now, there will be some argument here as to who actually left the backpack at the house.  Katie asked Emily to grab it off the loveseat and put it in the van for her.  Emily says Katie told her to grab her "stuff" and put it in the van.  As Katie's blanket and pillow were on top of the backpack, Emily didn't even realize the backpack was there when she grabbed the pillow and blanket and put it in the van.)  Being as the backpack and costume of Kaylee from "Firefly" were a six hour drive away, Emily very kindly allowed Katie to wear her 10th Doctor from "Dr Who" costume while Emily dressed as Castiel from "Supernatural".

This was the line to get into the convention.  It looked like it was in an airplane hangar and snaked in a constantly moving "S" shape through the building.  We saw some pretty cool costumes slinking by us at this point but we were moving too quickly to get pictures.  I'll say this though - these people were some of the most orderly folks I've ever stood in line with.  No one was loud or pushy.  No one dropped trash on the floor.  No pushing or cutting in line.  Say what you like about geeks, this was far better than standing in line at Six Flags.

The day of ComiCon was also the birthday of Emily's best friend.  Since she couldn't be there, Emily took a birthday card and got people dressed as famous characters to sign it.  She filled up two full birthday cards while we were there.  Most of my pictures are of people signing the cards so they all have Emily's back in them.

This was Starlord from "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Another Castiel and Elsa from "Frozen".

This orc very kindly handed his bludgeoning tool to a small Hulk/Orc and posed for a picture with him.  Even monsters are nice at ComiCon!

Cat Woman, Captain America,  Nightwing, and Superman.

Beast Boy and Raven 

The Two Towers from "Lord of the Rings".

Fluttershy from "My Little Pony".

Black Panther and Mario


Young Boba Fett 

A weeping angel from Dr Who.

Don't Blink!

There were also several displays of Lego cities.

Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean".  He advised Emily to get a drink since the drinking age is only sixteen in England.


Frank the Bunny from Donny Darko.  He wrote on the card, "Why are you wearing that stupid human suit, Love, Frank the Bunny"

A Dalek from Dr Who.  There was actually a guy inside of this peddling it around.

Magneto and Mystique

Katie got in a group photo of Dr Who enthusiasts.  She's on the left end as the 10th doctor.

Two Darth Mauls fixing each other's makeup.

You can't imagine how hilarious that is.

Deadpool.  Assassin in a unicorn costume.

No Clue

Maybe Valkyrie

Poison Ivy

Along the back of the convention center were rows of celebrities signing autographs.  We could see them but the lines were long to get to them and you had to pay for the autographs.  You could pay a ton more and get pictures made with them but we opted not to do any of those things so we just admired them from a distance.  We saw Karen Gillian of "Dr Who" fame, Sean Gunn, whom I know as Kirk from "Gilmore Girls" but who is currently known as Kraglin from "Guardians of the Galaxy", as well as Ming-Na Wen who is on "Agents of Shield" and was the voice of "Mulan".  There were lots of other actors there as well, but I wasn't familiar with a lot of them.  Cary Elwes was there as well but they had him inside of a tent where we couldn't see him at all.

One of the highlights of our day was when we made it into a panel featuring Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond, the 11th doctor's companion on Dr Who.  Also, unexpectedly, her cousin, Caitlin Blackwood, who played Amy Pond as a child, popped in on the panel and answered questions as well.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Puppies In The Snow

Our puppies have really enjoyed the snow.  Sort of.

Sometimes they come in with balls of ice caked into their fur.  The ice doesn't just rub off.  No, it does not.  This requires a dip in a tub of warm water to melt it all off their bellies, armpits (legpits?), and legs.  Every single time they go outside.

I shoveled a path from the back door, across the deck, and into the yard.  I cleared them a nice section of dead grass.  Before the snow arrived, I leaned the walls of our former shed against the deck to give them areas where there would be no snow so their little toes wouldn't freeze.

Do they appreciate all my efforts to help them use the bathroom without covering themselves in snow?

They do not.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Pom Pom

We've never been allowed to see Kerry's office.  You have to have security clearance up the wazoo in order to even enter the building.

So imagine our surprise and delight when the top dogs decided to hold a family tour day where we could go see where he works!

They had a HUGE response to the offer.  They had a lot more family members come for the tour than they had ever anticipated.  We all like to see where our spouses work, it gives us a picture in our minds about where they are during the day.  They provided pizza and coke for all of us and then we sat down and waited for the opening presentation.

As it just so happened there weren't enough seats for everyone and we found ourselves sitting in the very second row.  I usually prefer to sit a little further back.  The seats in front of us were still empty while we ate but another family came along and sat in them just before the colonel got up to speak.

Of course, the family in front of us had a ridiculously tall teen boy who sat right in front of Emily.  Not only was he very tall, but he also had on a loose knit stocking cap which he had pulled up so it was elongated and added a few inches to his height.  Not only was he very tall with an elongated stocking hat which made him even taller, but he had a fluffy pom pom on the hat which was the size of my fist.

Emily and I gave each other a "look" because we both knew that she wasn't going to be able to see the slideshow with Mr. Tall Teen and Pom Pom in front of her.

Jokingly, I leaned over to Emily and said, "I dare you to squeeze his pom pom."  I figured I'd get a good laugh out of her.

Quick as a flash, Emily's hand shot out and squeezed the pom pom on top of the hat.  Unfortunately, the teen's mother was sitting next to him and she saw Emily's quick hand movement out of the corner of her eye and she whipped around to look at her.

Also unfortunately, the teen felt Emily squeeze his pom pom and he whipped around as well but he apparently thought I did it because he stared at me and didn't look past me to see my guilty daughter sitting next to me.  We must have looked like two deer in the headlights for a second as mother and son stared at mother and daughter.

Then they turned back around and Emily and I started silently laughing because the colonel was getting up to give a speech and of course we couldn't laugh out loud.  We literally shook through the entire presentation, trying to be silent but absolutely filled to the brim with giggles.  And naturally we were right there up front where they colonel, his wife, and all the other people in charge could see us.  I didn't look up through most of the speech and definitely didn't make eye contact with anyone.

Even though he didn't turn around to look at us again, every so often the teen boy would reach up with both hands and clamp his hat more tightly onto his head as if he was afraid we were going to try to steal it.  Usually he would do it just as we had gotten our laughter under control and it would set us off into silent fits again.

I managed to get myself under control before the tour started but Emily was laughing in fits and starts through the entire evening.  Every so often she would see the teen boy and his family and it would set her off again.

Emily and pom poms do not mix!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sleep Barking

Leo was barking in his sleep!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


See those long black hairs around Gus's eyes?

Those are his eyelashes

When he blinks it's looks like he's waving at us.

It is not fair for a dog to have better eyelashes than any of the people in the house.

And Leo?

Well, Leo doesn't have the eyelashes, but he does know how to wear his food bowl.

Friday, January 16, 2015


This morning before the girls were up, I got the email saying that Emily had been accepted to Old Dominion University!!!!  She's been on pins and needles waiting to hear from them ever since she got all her information submitted.

I only had a few minutes before she needed to get up to head to her Chemistry class so I frantically printed the acceptance letter, taped it to a giant piece of orange construction paper so it would really stand out and catch her eye as she came down the stairs, and taped it next to the poster announcing her fabulous 32 on the ACT (which has been hanging on the wall for months and I'm not taking it down any time soon).

Despite my efforts to make it noticeable, she walked right by it and I had to redirect her attention to it.  It's hard to tell because her back was to the camera (video by Katie) but when I hugged her it was because she started crying.  My sweet, smart Emily was so overwhelmed and relieved, and excited, and happy, and and and.......just everything!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Puppy Play


One of the puppies favorite games is to try to get to each other underneath the legs of the computer chair.  Never mind that they can get to each other easily by standing up and stepping over the base.  Or walking around the base.  They like the idea that this is somehow a challenge.